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Experts in magnetic filtration

The MAGSHIELD team are experts in magnetic filtration solutions and diagnostic tools for critical fluid operating systems. With offices in Australasia and North America, we service a global customer base with a variety of high-quality asset protection and diagnostic solutions for iron contaminants that are not captured by existing OEM media filters.


Magshield is a global team of industry experts and contaminant specialists who have a passion for driving reliability and productivity in high-value heavy equipment and machinery. Many of the team have directly held roles overseeing large fleets of high-value equipment and understand intimately the time and cost impact of ferrous contaminants in fluid and hydraulic systems.

Proactive and hands-on, you can often find our team in the field or workshop bay helping clients at short notice. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships, working closely with clients, and have an ongoing commitment to delivering next-generation best practice solutions.


MagShield®, formerly BAY6 Solutions, started its life in Canada in 2009 providing patented magnetic filtration technology to the mining, oil and gas and heavy construction industries. We quickly found that our products and services helped solve a number of ongoing challenges faced by equipment owners and through requests from our clients, we expanded our footprint and product range. We now service a global market across a range of equipment types and applications, all focused on reducing the impact ferrous containments in fluid systems.

Today, the company is part of the Enviro Technologies Group, world leaders in filtration solutions across a number of industries, and we service a global customer base from offices in Australasia, North America, Brazil, China, Europe and India.

Community Involvement

We believe in helping communities grow and support a number of charitable initiatives. We also proudly support the University of Alberta Mining Engineering student co-op program.


Paul O’Riordan

Sales Manager

: +1 780 984 8647

: paul.oriordan@magshield.com

Dean Cryer

Business Development Manager

: +1 780 966 8647

: dean.cryer@magshield.com

Neil Cropper – Australia

General Manager

: +61 409 269 873

: neil.cropper@magshield.com

Murray Laidlaw

Sales Manager

: +61 437 072 396

: murray.laidlaw@magshield.com

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