Komatsu 830E

Client: Diamond Mine In Canada
Product: Mag-Shield® and Mag-Probe®

Komatsu 830E Haul Trucks Monitored by Mag-Probe®


Komatsu 830E haul trucks at a Canadian diamond mine were suffering difficult to predict wheel motor and front spindle bearing failures. This led to unnecessary, expensive failures. Additionally, the design of the GE wheel motor does not include filtration: ferrous contamination was controlled by oil change.


The operators equipped a pair of trucks with Mag-Shield® and Mag-Probe® kits as part of a trial. The intention was to provide oil filtration to capture as much ferrous contamination as possible and provide a method of visually monitoring iron contamination within the hubs and wheel motors. Mag-Shield® were installed in the wheel motor sumps, and Mag-Probe® were installed both in the wheel motor filler caps and the front wheel hubs.


In addition to providing an excellent visual indicator of iron contamination within the wheel motors and front hubs, a large reduction in iron levels was observed in follow up fluid sampling, as shown in the report below. The benefits of cleaner oil are extended oil life, reduced wear and increased component service life. The Mag-Shield® also provide a visual baseline for normal operation.

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