Ironing out ferrous contamination

(This story was originally published on Australian Mining)

MagShield is bridging the gap left by standard media filters to tackle ferrous contamination in the Australian mining industry head-on.

Ferrous contamination is an issue that has plagued heavy industry for decades. As metal components go through regular wear and tear, microscopic iron particles leach into essential fluids that keep Australia’s most critical mining equipment running.

This contamination wreaks havoc on machinery systems and leads to significant damage, increased downtime and eventual breakdown.

While original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) fit mining machinery with standard media filters, most aren’t up to the task of handling ferrous contamination, leading to billions of dollars lost every year in downtime and replacement costs across Australia.

But MagShield has a vision to work with pre-fitted media filters to fight ferrous contamination and rid the industry of its iron plight. That’s why MagShield takes its motto ‘Best Practice for Fluid Contamination Control’ seriously.

The solution is simple: fitted ahead of the factory filter, a pre-filter acts as a magnetic shield (Mag-Shield) to attract metallic particles as fluid passes through the machine, continuously keeping it clear and on track.

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Revamped and Ready: Introducing the All-New MagShield Website

The evolution from BAY6 Solutions to MagShield is here and we are excited to launch into the next chapter of our journey. BAY6 Solutions created an amazing foundation for us to build, grow, and expand our reach into a global market, and that’s exactly what we have done with MagShield.

Explore the brand new MagShield website and discover our solutions in a platform designed to be a comprehensive tool for our customers.

Discover Our New Website

The new MagShield website is a representation of the acceleration of our brand which continues to grow in the global market. We have created an essential resource for customers to showcase what we do, who we do it for, and why we do it.

The new site enables you to navigate seamlessly through our product ranges and view their application through a variety of case studies.  From our Asset Protection range through to our and Diagnostic options, users are able to explore product features, the benefits and how we’ve helped many other clients achieve a new best practice solution to their ferrous contamination problems

The evolution of our brand has seen an opportunity to bring our state-of-the-art fluid contamination control solutions to a wider audience. Meaning more customers can benefit from our superior product offerings.

What You Can Expect

MagShield prides itself on being the next generation of best practices for fluid contamination control. We are broadening our reach and, in turn, maximising our capacity to service a wider range of customers – both locally and globally.

Our new website delivers on this promise and provides our customers and those seeking solutions with an important source where they can get the answers they need and get in touch with our team to find the right solutions.


With this new website underpinning the brand, we are launching into the future to continue our rapid acceleration and growth.

Bay 6 is now MagShield: A New Era of Innovation

We are pleased to announce an exciting new chapter in our company’s growth: BAY6 Solutions has evolved to become MagShield.

The change came about from rapid growth and global expansion, and it was time to create a central brand that our growing customer base could identify with. Exciting new things were ever-evolving for us, and we needed a refresh that would see us into the next phase.

BAY6 Solutions created an incredible platform and foundation for us to launch into our new identity – MagShield. With our solid reputation grown from BAY6 Solutions, MagShield was able to forge ahead in the global market.

MagShield & Bay 6 SolutionsMagShield

Why We’re Rebranding

We have been offering our range of high-quality asset protection and diagnostic solutions since our conception in Canada in 2009. We started life under the original company name, BAY6 Solutions, which saw us grow and build a solid reputation in the industry.

We were growing, tackling a global market, which empowered us to take a more targeted focus on manufacturing a range of high-quality asset protection and diagnostic solutions that deliver superior magnetic filtration.

So, we wanted to create a clear forward focus for the company, and rebrand, refresh, and reinvigorate what we stood for. That’s how the rebranded MagShield was born.

It’s MagShield that we are best known for, it is a symbol of our quality and commitment to providing superior products to the market. Therefore, it was a clear decision to have this as our identity to surge forward into the global arena.


What This Means For Our Products

Today, MagShield proudly takes its place as part of the Enviro Technologies Group, servicing a global customer base from offices in Australasia, North America, Brazil, China, Europe, and India, and the rebrand allows us to better focus on how we deliver MagShield products to our customers.


It might be a different name, but it is still the same commitment to exceptional quality and service.


It’s time to evolve, and we’re excited to have you on the journey with us.

Haulage & Loading – Exhibition and Conference 2023

Exciting news!

MagShield are thrilled to announce that we’ll be a part of The Haulage & Loading Exhibition & Conference in 2023!

Join us and other surface mining professionals at the beautiful El Conquistador Resort in Tucson, Arizona. This year’s theme is “Managing Pit Production”.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with industry experts and gain valuable insights into open-pit mining.

Register today and we’ll see you at The Haulage & Loading conference on April 2-5, 2023, at foyer Booth Number 3.