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They are specifically designed to only filter particles above a certain design size (usually between 3 and 5 microns) with smaller particles passing through the filter and remaining in the system; and 

The holding capacity of these filters is limited therefore filters need to be changed regularly and if large quantities of contamination is introduced into the circuit, such as when a component fails, it is likely that the media filter will reach capacity and enter bypass mode leaving your system unprotected from that point. 

The unique design of MagShield, using magnetic filtration, seamlessly collects ferrous material across a much larger size range including micro fine particles (below 1 micron) and has a holding capacity of 5-10x the equivalent media filter.   

This is why complementing traditional media filtration with our magnetic filtration products is now considered best practice by notable clients worldwide including in Caterpillar, Hitachi and Komatsu fleets.  

Very effective capture of ferrous contamination with no noticeable disruption.

  • Ferrous contamination typically accounts between X% and Y% of all contamination within a hydraulic fluid systems. Magshield is effective in removing more than X% of ferrous contamination on the first pass, therefore delivering significantly lower levels of fluid contamination. This reduces component wear, extends component life and reduces the risk of failure between service intervals.  
  • With Magshield installed in the system ahead of the media filters, the material collected by Magshield never impacts the media filters: thereby reducing the load on these filters and therefore allowing the filter life to be extended. 
  • Oil change intervals are heavily impacted by contamination levels. Lower contamination enables the oil change to be extended.  
  • There is negligible differential pressure and/or turbulence from the Magshield. As such, you won’t notice Magshield is there until you need it. 

MagShield’s magnetic filtration solutions are high capacity and highly efficient.

  • With holding capacity of 5-10x that of a traditional media filter, in the event that a component fails prematurely it is likely that the material will be captured by the Magshield – thereby protecting the downstream components from the damage from component failure. The machine can be back to work earlier and at lower cost.
  • It is very difficult to completely cleanse the circuit from contamination post failure. Magshield will immediately clean the system when the machine is back up and running, ensuring that the machine can stay in operation.  
  • The cleaning and maintenance of Magshield can be co-ordinated around the filter and oil change intervals.  

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Where our story began

MagShield®, formerly BAY6 Solutions, started its life in Canada in 2009 providing patented magnetic filtration technology to the mining, oil and gas, and heavy construction industries. We’ve spent many years diversifying our product specifications to suit an array of applications. In 2021 the company was acquired by an Australian-based private investment company, Enviro Technologies. With our main HQ now based in sunny Sydney, we’re pleased to support the growth of many of the best-known brands and businesses across the globe.


Who we work with

MagShield®’s preventative maintenance solutions are used throughout the resource, energy, construction and other industries. Our Mag-Shields® are regularly installed on new and used equipment by both customer technicians and major OEM dealers, including Komatsu, Hitachi, and Caterpillar.

Just some of the companies that use the protection of MagShield® include Suncor Energy, North American Construction Group, Rio Tinto, BHP, Syncrude Canada, Teck HVC, Teck Coal, Finning International, SMS Equipment, Shell Canada Energy, and Imperial Oil Resources.

Community Involvement

We believe in helping communities grow. We donate to charitable initiatives in areas where our customers operate. We also proudly support the University of Alberta Mining Engineering student co-op program.

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