Prevention and proactive protection is key

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Magnetic filtration for asset protection

Asset protection is front of mind when you’re running pressurised fluid systems, be it in mining, manufacturing, oil & gas or the construction industry. From running stationary machining tools like CNC lathes to entire fleets of mobile mining equipment, these fluid systems can be highly precise – and expensive to repair and replace if things go wrong. Prevention and proactive protection is key.

Reducing hydraulic & fluid system contamination

MagShield®’s high-efficiency magnetic filtration helps to protect your assets and lower operating costs by capturing all ferrous particles from the fluid system. These innovative solutions are designed to work with standard OEM filtration systems to improve the longevity and performance of the fluid system. The result: fewer failures, lower operating costs and a clear path to productivity.

See the proof

Our products are tried, tested and shown to work every day. Explore diverse applications including in Caterpillar, Komatsu and Hitachi equipment.



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