Stop ferrous contamination in its tracks with magnetic pre-filtration

Avoiding downtime; extending component life; improving operating costs; and maximising productivity of your high value heavy equipment and trucks is a constant priority. Whilst there are many factors that get in the way of you achieving these goals, fluid contamination control – in particular ferrous contamination – is a well-recognised, ongoing challenge.

Now, there’s a new, enhanced, and complementary solution and prevention to ferrous contamination.

MagShield – NEXT GENERATION BEST PRACTICE for fluid contamination control.


MagShield are experts in magnetic filtration for key fluid operating systems in heavy trucks, equipment, and machinery. We offer a range of high-quality asset protection and diagnostic solutions to capture iron contaminants not captured by existing OEM media filters.

Our solutions are now considered best practice by notable clients and equipment makers worldwide, including:

  • Caterpillar
  • Hitachi
  • Sandvik
  • Komatsu
  • Liebherr

…amongst other leading companies and equipment providers.


  • Up to 80% reduction in equipment downtime post component failure.
  • 18+% component life improvement.
  • Up to 10% mechanical availability through reduction of secondary failures post-component repair.
  • 4000-hour Oil life Improvement.

Rear Differential

Rear Wheel Group

Front Wheel Group

Hydraulic Reservoir



Why let iron contamination affect your system life cycle? Improve existing fluid filtration, uptime, and reliability in your hydraulic and fluid systems with intuitive yet effective asset protection. MagShield magnetic filters capture ferrous contamination for a rapid return on investment, including in systems with high flow and high fluid volume.

Mag-Shield ® is ideal for applications with higher fluid volumes and those where the fluid reservoir is easily accessible. This ultra-high-capacity product captures ferrous material on each pass without restricting or altering the flow. It supports existing filtration, minimises failures, and controls iron contamination as it happens.
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Mag-Shield® X is ideal for high-flow applications and systems where the reservoir may be less accessible. A high-capacity magnetic element is situated within a traditional filter housing for easy installation and serviceability, complementing existing filters and constantly cleaning ferrous contaminants from the fluid system.
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Ferrous contamination can be invisible – until it leads to huge problems. Mag-Probe® is an essential condition monitoring tool for every heavy machinery and equipment operator, as you can instantly identify and assess ferrous fluid contamination in your system. This makes it far easier to minimise and prevent the high costs of iron contamination.

Mag-Probe®, Our magnetic diagnostic tool is also invaluable in making safer, better-informed decisions around asset protection.
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