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Avoiding downtime; extending component life; improving operating costs; and maximising productivity of your high value equipment is a constant priority. Whilst there are many factors that get in the way of you achieving these goals, fluid contamination – in particular ferrous contamination – is a well-recognised, ongoing challenge.

Now, there’s a new, enhanced and complementary solution to ferrous contamination.

Magshield – the next generation best practice for fluid contamination control.

Who is Magshield?

MagShield are experts in magnetic filtration for key fluid operating systems. We offer a range of high quality asset protection and diagnostic solutions to capture iron contaminants not captured by existing filters.

Our solutions are now considered best practice by notable clients and equipment makers worldwide, including Caterpillar, Hitachi and Komatsu.

How does Magshield work?

MagShield’s unique patented designed products, using the highest quality rare earth magnets, are engineered specifically for your high value equipment to capture finer and more iron contaminants from your key fluid operating systems. Our solutions are designed to complement and enhance existing filtration, and come in a variety of fluid reservoir and inline options.

Why Magshield?

  • High capture, low impediment – MagShield’s unique design enables it to capture finer and more iron particles without impeding the operating effectiveness of the equipment  
  • Easy installation with minimal ongoing management – Easily and quickly fitted before delivery or at next service interval 
  • Cost effective, life of asset solution – One time investment, typically <0.5% of the cost of the equipment which means it can be easily included in any repairs and maintenance budget 
  • An extra line of protection and the ultimate “clean-up” solution in the event of secondary failures  
  • Extensive product range – This ensures you’ll find a Magshield solution that best fits your machine and reliability objectives.   

 Less downtime, greater savings and better productivity for your business 

Paul O’Riordan

Sales Manager

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: paul.oriordan@magshield.com

Dean Cryer

Business Development Manager

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Neil Cropper – Australia

General Manager

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Murray Laidlaw

Sales Manager

: +61 437 072 396

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