Mobile Drill

Client: United States - Operator
Product: Mag-Shield® X

Mag-Shield® X capture iron on mobile drill


A drill operator in the United States faced challenges with iron contamination affecting the hydraulic system of their Cubex drill. The presence of excessive iron contamination can lead to accelerated wear and heightened failure rates for critical hydraulic components like motors and pumps.


The MagShield® Team reached out to the drill operator and proposed a trial of our innovative solution, MagShield® X in-line filtration product. The drill operator accepted the trial and installed a single unit between the hydraulic oil cooler and the hydraulic return filter on the drill. Throughout the trial period of approximately 500 hours, the drill operated seamlessly without any failures.


After the trial period, the MagShield® X was removed from the drill, and the magnetic element underwent inspection. An appreciable amount of fine iron contamination had been effectively captured by the element. The element’s weight before and after cleaning revealed that it had retained 23 grams (0.8 oz) of captured iron. Given that the drill hydraulic tank accommodates 45 gallons of fluid, this equates to approximately 0.5 grams of iron per gallon that was successfully prevented from circulating through the system.

Impressed by the results, the drill operator decided to procure 30 MagShield® X filters to equip their entire drilling fleet.

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