Ironing out ferrous contamination

(This story was originally published on Australian Mining)

MagShield is bridging the gap left by standard media filters to tackle ferrous contamination in the Australian mining industry head-on.

Ferrous contamination is an issue that has plagued heavy industry for decades. As metal components go through regular wear and tear, microscopic iron particles leach into essential fluids that keep Australia’s most critical mining equipment running.

This contamination wreaks havoc on machinery systems and leads to significant damage, increased downtime and eventual breakdown.

While original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) fit mining machinery with standard media filters, most aren’t up to the task of handling ferrous contamination, leading to billions of dollars lost every year in downtime and replacement costs across Australia.

But MagShield has a vision to work with pre-fitted media filters to fight ferrous contamination and rid the industry of its iron plight. That’s why MagShield takes its motto ‘Best Practice for Fluid Contamination Control’ seriously.

The solution is simple: fitted ahead of the factory filter, a pre-filter acts as a magnetic shield (Mag-Shield) to attract metallic particles as fluid passes through the machine, continuously keeping it clear and on track.

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Posted on: May 6, 2024